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Araceli's Mexican Deli

Whilst many Mexican foods have become easier to get hold of, there are still some items which are used a lot in Mexican cuisine but not stocked in supermarkets.
For this reason we have built up a deli section in our restaurant dedicated to some Mexican essentials. Alongside our corn tortillas we have a number of different Mexican chillies in dried format and some classic salsas.
Item Price
Valentina Salsa Picante £2.25
Salsa Habanero El Yucateco £2.95
Salsa Verde - La Costena Green Mexican Sauce 250g £1.95
Hibiscus Tea - Flor De Jamaica 40g £1.65
Salsa Habanero El Yucateco Black Label £3.25
Salsa Habanero El Yucateco Green £2.95
Valentina Salsa Picante Black Label £2.55
Dried Chilli - Ancho - 50g £1.65
Dried Chilli - Guajillo - 50g £1.65
Dried Chilli - Pasillo - 50g £1.65
Corn Tortilla 1 Pack 40 £4.00
Corn Tortilla 2 Packs 40 £7.00
Zaca Zaca 125ml Jar £3.50
Tortilla 10cm 20 pack £2.00
2x Tortilla de Maiz Nixtamalizado 500g £4.90
Corn Tortilla 10 pack £1.99
Tamarind Concentrate 700ml £3.75
Horchata concentrate 700ml £3.75
Hibiscus / Jamaica concentrate 700ml £3.75
Mole Doña Maria £4.50
Salsa Verde - Herdez Mexican Tomatillo/Green sauce 210g £1.75
Maseca Blue Masa Harina / Corn Flour for Tortilla £3.85
Maseca Yellow Masa Harina / Corn Flour for Tortilla £3.90
Tajin Snack Seasoning £2.95
Chipotles -Clemente Jaques 220g £2.55
Tomatillos - El Mexiacno 767g £3.15
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